T-LevL is a golf tee setting device that is structurally simple, yet provides a golfer with an effective solution for setting a golf tee at a precise height and angle with respect to the ground.

In the game of golf, a golfer is allowed to hit the golf ball from the tee box by placing the ball on a golf tee to raise the level or height at which the ball rests above the ground.

Particularly for use of drivers or other clubs of similar configurations, it is necessary to raise the height of the ball to some level thereby ensuring the club face strikes the ball at the correct height and angle.

A performance goal for professional as well as recreational golfers is to develop skills so that the game of golf becomes a more routine and repeatable sequence of actions thereby helping to eliminate the great number of variables that can produce an undesirable golf score.

Highly skilled golfers such as professionals have the opportunity to play golf quite frequently, and because of this frequency, these golfers develop a certain “feel” for every aspect of the game to include the manner in which a golf ball is properly teed.

However, recreational golfers do not get the opportunity to play as frequently, and inherently, will not have either the skill, patience, or discipline to correctly tee the golf ball each time.

Proper setting of the tee is important because it affects a golf ball’s launch angle, launch direction, and the type and amount of spin imparted on the ball.

Tee effects

Accordingly, improperly setting the golf tee will undermine a golfer’s opportunity to shoot a better score.

Advantages of T-LevL:


“T-LevL has certainly helped me focusing on hitting the ball, knowing exactly the height of the ball.

There is one less thing to think about.”

HC of Fremont, California

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How It Works

Step 1:

Place a golf ball and T-LevL in one hand. Select a desired tee elevation (A, B, C, D, E, F, or G).
Use a thumb to secure the tee in one of the recesses.

Step 2:
Press the tee into the ground while observing the air inside the bubble-level.

Step 3:

Move the thumb to the side and take T-LevL away from the tee.

Step 4:

Place the golf ball on the tee.


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