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“T-LevL has certainly helped me focusing on hitting the ball, knowing exactly the height of the ball.

There is one less thing to think about.”

HC of Fremont, California

“I am amazed how T-LevL can be used to correct my slicing shots. No more frustrations.”

I have a much greater confidence with my tee shots now. This certainly beats buying a new $400 driver!”

WS of Longmont, Colorado

“Toward the end of my round I felt a little more confidence using the T-LevL, and felt I get more consistent tee shots...

So far I am pretty impressed with this tool. It has answered some of my curiosity about the affect of tee tilting.”

A member from ShotTalk.com forum

“This is an absolutely brilliant marketable tool.

Take in account, all the people who buy brush tees, or ‘certain’ tees or anything of that sort.

Now you can have the confidence of teeing at the same height with a simple tool.

No need to buy extraordinary or expensive tees. Just buy the cheap ones and use your tool.”

A member from ShotTalk.com forum

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