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Q: What is T-LevL?

A: T-LevL is a device for setting a tee at a proper height and angle. The selected height will be consistent from tee shot to tee shot. There are seven heights to choose from (A, B, C, D, E, F and G) that are suitable for various club sizes and various swing types. The selected angle is for influencing the spin amount on the ball.

In addition, there is a bubble level on top of the device to control the tee angle during tee insertion. Beginners can set the tee perfectly upright everytime, and advanced golfers can adjust the tee angle. See “Tee height and angle”.

Q: What golf tees will work with T-LevL?

A: Any regular wooden tees. Look for high quality slender type tees.

Q: T-LevL looks too technical, will it slow my game?

A: Using T-LevL takes only a few seconds, almost as fast as sticking a tee into the ground using a bare hand. However, the tee will be set much better with T-LevL than with a bare hand. See “Accuracy and Time”.

Q: I just stick the tee into the ground like the pros. What’s wrong with that?

A: That is fine, except that the pros look at every aspect of their game and practice every day to make every details of their game perfect and consistent, including setting a tee. Their hands are calibrated, and ours are not.

Many may not realize how bad they tee. There are occasions where the ball would roll off the tee just before a tee shot is made because of a badly tilted tee. With the T-LevL, the tee will be set perfectly every time.

Q: What do I gain from using the T-LevL?

A: Golf forces the player to control many variables in the game. The countless years spent in practice are for consistency. T-LevL can be used to help teeing properly and consistently. Knowing that the ball has been set properly is already a boost of confidence. Then all that is left for one to concentrate is the swing.

Q: Why is a tee shot so important?

A: A famous golfer once said that we played for bogie following a bad tee shot.

A tee shot needs to be treated just as importantly as a putting and chipping game. During a tee shot one can hold the ball and set it on an elevated tee to give the best chance to hit the ball clean and far (or whatever distance planned to have). This is the only time one can set the ball perfectly, and this is a situation to take advantage of.

One could have a perfect stance, a perfect club, a perfect golf swing, and a perfect ball, but if the ball hasn’t been teed properly, it is a perfect opportunity wasted.

Q: What are the seven tee height indices for?

A: “A” is for 3 fairway wood and 5 wood. “B” is for small drivers (200 to 300 cc). “C” is for medium drivers (300 to 400 cc). “D” is for large drivers (400 to 460 cc). “E” is for an extra large driver (460 cc and above). “F” and “G” are for long distance drive specialty, for those who want to avoid contact between the club head and the ground. These are initial recommended settings. One can select any of these heights that will match with the particular clubs chosen. After practices making tee shots at the driving range, one can establish his/her own tee height preferences.

Q: How do I control tee angle with the bubble level?

A: As one inserts the tee in the ground using T-LevL, one needs to look at the bubble level.

For beginners, the tee is recommended to be set upright consistently, that is, to align the air bubble at the center of the circular mark.

For advanced golfers, the tee can be tilted to control the amount of backspin and/or sidespin of the ball. A forward tilt can add more backspin to stop the ball after flight. A backward tilt can reduce backspin to roll the ball after flight to gain extra yardage. An inboard tilt can cause a slice. An outboard tilt can cause a hook. See “Tee Height and Angle".

Q: Is T-LevL legal for use in tournaments?

A: The tee height setting is approved for use in USGA tournaments. However, leveling with the bubble level is not approved. The bubble would need to be removed or covered prior to use in the USGA tournaments.

The legality of using T-LevL with other golf governing bodies has not been verified. It is recommended to check with tournament officials regarding the legality of using T-LevL and all other equipment.

Aviar Technology, LLC does not assume any responsibility or liability of any claims, damages, disqualifications, or losses resulting from using T-LevL.

Q: T-LevL legal in games to establish a USGA handicap?

A: Yes, T-LevL is legal in games to establish a USGA handicap.

Q: Is T-LevL legal in recreational games?

A: Yes, T-LevL is legal in recreational games. As a matter of fact, golf can be enjoyed more with the use of the T-LevL. Tee shots will be much more consistent and better.

Q: Is there a holder to carry T-LevL during a course of play?

A: Yes. We sell a belt-loop pouch that would fit a T-LevL, tees, ball marker, and other small items. It is very convenient and handy. Place the tees and other small items on the bottom of the pouch, and the T-LevL is placed at the very top.

Q: What are the dimension and weight of a T-LevL?

A: T-LevL is 4.73 inches (120.1 mm) long, 0.93 inches (23.4 mm) wide, 0.86 inches (21.9 mm) thick at the top, and 0.62 inch (15.8 mm) thick at the bottom. It weighs 0.68 oz (19.3 grams).

Q: Who made T-LevL and where?

A: T-LevL is the product of a small company called Aviar Technology, LLC, USA. The molded/contoured body is manufactured in the USA with the highest standard of quality. The bubble level is imported from China. The bubble level can be replaced with a company's Logo.

Q: What materials T-LevLs are made from?

A: The molded/contour body is made from durable ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic. The clear bubble level body is made from acrylics. The liquid inside the level is propriety. The T-LevL is durable, and has been shipped long distances via airplanes and ships without any breakages or leakages.

Storing T-LevL away from harsh chemicals (no alcohol, gasoline, etc.), in a dry container and room temperature will make it last a long time.

Q: Any guarantee with T-LevL?

A: A defective T-LevL due to manufacturing reasons can be returned for a free replacement within a month of purchase date. Provide proof of purchase with the return.

Q: Is T-LevL patented?

A: Yes. US Patent 7,223,184 B2.

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